Brief thoughts.

I want to share a thought I had regarding Autistic children, lets stop for a moment and reflect on this.

When you see that child screaming uncontrollably on the floor of the supermarket, before you judge the child, before you blame the parents, stop.

You maybe seeing Autism at it’s terrifying, exasperating worst. The poor little soul may simply have seen, heard, or smelt something not quite right. He or she is merely responding in a way that the condition dictates.

Stop the judgement, stop the blame, and try to understand, or move on. Autistic children, and parents of autistic children go through enough without it being made more difficult for either of us.

I enjoy writing, just not being so busy I do not find the time.

Hello again readers.
I have been visiting crazy town this last month, and not had the time I need to write an entry like I would have wanted to. I know the next week is likely going to be equally crazy to this week, but I will try my best to write a few posts when time allows.
I decided I needed to add some color to this post. I added the puzzle-butterfly as a double symbol for Autism. I do not fully understand the reason a puzzle piece has become a symbol for Autism, however, it is what it is, and I have gradually accepted it as such.

The butterfly makes far more sense to me, it is a beautiful creature and starts as a caterpillar, which I see representing the youthful innocence, it however has to deal with the fact that it struggles twice in life, once for sometime as a cocoon, this represents puberty, and teenage years, the time we tend to shell ourselves, due to having difficulties adjusting to a new body, however the post-puberty years, we break out of that shell, become stronger, beautiful, and powerful, and we spread our wings and fly. This is the adult years, they are not always easy, but they certainly in the right circumstances provide wonderful opportunities.

This doesn’t mean there are not dangers and predators out there, there are, and we need to find safety and protection from our weaknesses, by finding help from others that have our strengths.
I hope this post continues to provide the insight and thoughts I have offered.
God be with you until we meet again


Returning To Writing

I was reading commentary on how parents especially deal with a new diagnosis of Autism in a child and what their advise would be. I found one striking comment saying to throw expectations out the window. I was struck by this fact, because although obviously a negative implication is there, why do parents, or anyone, expect anything in childhood? Every person is different. I did respond to this, and I will include what I said in this post today, with some added content and minor changes to flow with this journal.

I have Autism as you all who have read this know by now, and I earned a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University. Was this expected or demanded of me? Not at all. I wasn’t even expected to graduate High School. I did however want to prove a point and send a message, one was to my doubters and detractors, that they were wrong. I had to prove I was better then any of them said I was.

The second, and more powerful message, was to my supporters and friends. My way of thanking them for standing beside me, even when times got tough, and helping me achieve a dream. To be an Autistic with a degree.

Do I think expectations should be “thrown out”. Absolutely, they are hopes and dreams a parent has for a child if anything else. This is a good thing, however, it’s the child’s progress that needs to b the driving force, not what they are told to do, or pushed toward, but what they want to accomplish.
I believe with all of my heart that Autistics can achieve anything their heart desires.

They have goals to accomplish, no matter if it is as simple as dressing themselves, drinking through a straw the first time, eating something they may not like, but learn to like in the future.

I did all of these things, and eventually grew to bigger dreams and goals, that all were fulfilled, a marriage, a child of my own, a degree, getting a driver’s license, small and simple things are the building blocks that grow to help the big, great things, come to pass.

An autistic can do anything they set their heart and mind to, no different then a Neurotypical.

Very Interesting Article

I am going to include this article into my blog as I find the information very interesting and it includes some basics that I find useful. I will copy a few of the highlights.

“Scientists may have found the root cause of autism and, no, it’s not vaccines. It is most likely caused by having too many brain connections called synapses, a new study says.”

“This effectively debunks a recent theory that had linked autism to vaccines. The poorly conducted study had suggested that aluminium contained in vaccine adjuvants could trigger biological responses in mice “consistent with those in autism”, causing undue alarm among parents.”

“It was later found that the study’s data had been deliberately manipulated, copied and pasted, and generally faked, forcing the “researchers” to retract the study.”

Those are the key points of the article, like I said, it includes some basics that are valuable and expands from what I included. Definitely a good read.


A quick update

Sorry I haven’t wrote much the last two weeks. I had surgery on the 18th and recovery is a long road. Nothing to be concerned by. I just need rest. Lots of it, I am afraid. It is driving me crazy.

Anyway, it was gallbladder removal. Not a big deal, as they were able to use the new method, so I was out of the hospital the same day, and am recovering in my own home, and eating okay.

I should be up to writing more by the end of the week. I also will have an art exhibit or two to share!

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Having fun.

I freely admit, I have done a lot of these recently. I will explain tomorrow what has been going on.

Lets play a game:
I have been given a letter (F)
Something I hate: Failing
Something I like: Family
Somewhere I’ve been: Frankfurt, Kentucky
Some where I’d like to go: Florida
Someone I know: Frank
Best film: Fantasia